resistance is obsolete ™ ;-) is free software and uses a single license per subproject, either the General Public License or the Lesser General Public License.
We think that LGPL provides enough freedom even for companies wishing to add functionality to closed source applications.

General Public License / Lesser General Public License

Find below the actual license conditions of the GPL and LGPL.

  • General Public License
  • Lesser General Public License

  • ThirdParty Software

    The reference server uses software from other OpenSource projects. The sources of all required packages are checked in the "ThirdParty" section of the repository.
    Most source packages are modified in a slight way to build in the OGo environment.


    An Objective-C library providing basic functionality like data structures, preference handling or URL processing.


    A library for parsing and processing XML and HTML files.

    GNUstep Makefile Package

    This package provides the basic build environment of Used to abstract platform dependend build options like the ones for building shared libraries or loadable modules.

    GNUstep Database Library

    We use some parts of the GNUstep Database Library 1.0.0 to implement the database backend of It provides an adaptor mechanism to replace the actual database used by

    GNUstep Objective-C Runtime

    Well, Objective-C needs a runtime and since this is not installed on all platforms, we embedded the runtime for easier deployment.


    The pilot-link library used for PDA synchronisation.

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