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instant OGo CD

Just put it in your CD-ROM, reboot your machine and you get a fully running OGo installation in minutes!

instant OGo Logo The instant OGo CD is a CD which contains a complete GNU/Linux system, a fully configured OGo installation, a Cyrus server and web interfaces to administrate the server.
It's the fastest way to get a complete groupware server up and running!

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instant OGo FAQ

Q: Where can I get more information on instant OGo?

A: To get up to date information, please visit the instant OGo website. This page only covers basic issues related to the project. Please direct all questions on instant OGo to Skyrix. The product is not a direct concern of the OGo project itself.

Q: What problem is instant OGo intending to solve?

A: Until now Linux groupware servers, including OGo, were non-trivial to install for non-Linux experts. You were required to have a certain Linux know how to install such a server, for example to determine the right packages to install, to ensure proper dependencies, to decide proper maintenance strategies, etc.
In conclusion a groupware installation required a lot of time. The instant OGo CD attempts to cut down the necessary time to get a fully working and consistent collaboration and messaging solution to about 30 minutes or less.

Q: Is instant OGo a product of the project?

A: No, instant OGo is a product done by SKYRIX Software AG, the initiator of the OGo project. It is just one option to get a working OGo installation - you can still retrieve all the RPM or Debian packages from for free or buy a Skyrix 5 maintenance contract if you need commercial support.

Q: What is the difference between the "SBE" and "ASE" editions?

A: The ASE includes the Session Name Service Daemon (snsd) which was previously only available as part of the SKYRiX 5 maintenance contract.
The snsd improves performance when the OGo server is being accessed from a lot of users at the same time. This is explained in a bit more detail on a page on

Q: Can I install instant OGo on my existing Debian, RedHat or SuSE server?

A: No. The instant OGo CD contains a complete Linux system setup with all the relevant tools to run a groupware server.
If you want to install OGo on an existing server, you can either use the regular Debian/RPM packages provided by the project for free or use the Skyrix 5 distribution in case you need commercial support.

Q: What Linux distribution is instant OGo based upon?

A: Currently the CD is based on Fedora packages assembled and maintained by Skyrix engineers. The actual distribution is mostly hidden from the user and adminstrated using the web interface provided by instant OGo. Operating system maintenance is part of the regular instant OGo maintenance (you get updates from the Skyrix server).

Q: When is instant OGo going to be available?

A: The online store for instant OGo is going to open on 2005-07-01. If you are visiting LinuxTag, you can also buy instant OGo at the Skyrix booth (D101) - instantly.

Q: What OGo version is used for instant OGo?

A: The OGo used on instant OGo is based on the OGo 1.0 beta branch and will be based on OGo 1.0.0 once it is released.

Q: Does instant OGo include any OGo functionality not available as part of the free packages?

A: Yes, instant OGo includes three additional components:
a web adminstration interface for the relevant Linux components like the mail system and for system administration,
the special ZideStore server required for Outlook connectivity using the ZideLook plugin (instant OGo SBE/ASE MAPI editions),
the Session Name Service Daemon (snsd) (instant OGo ASE editions).

Q: Does instant OGo include all the advanced applications available as part of OGo?

A: Yes! The CD contains all the lovely OGo applications, including the elaborate contact management module, the resource management module and of course the shared workspace module (project application) for sharing versioned documents.

Q: How will instant OGo evolve?

A: Currently instant OGo includes everything to get a basic messaging and collaboration server almost instantly. Besides the improvements on OGo itself, later versions of instant OGo will bundle more of the popular OpenSource server applications, like Hylafax or Jabber instant messaging services. Once available those improvements will be automagically available using the maintenance setup.

Q: I like the project! Will buying instant OGo help improving the free packages?

A: Yes. All improvements done on the OGo parts of instant OGo will be reintegrated into Buying instant OGo maintenance contracts ensures that the OGo project base can move forward on a focused commercial development basis instead of relying on volunteers only.

Q: Does instant OGo include the ZideStore daemon to connect GroupDAV and iCalendar over HTTP clients?

A: Yes, besides the specific ZideStore required for Outlook/ZideLook, instant OGo also includes the OGo ZideStore 1.4.
The OGo ZideStore includes the necessary protocol support for GroupDAV and various other protocols. This allows to connect instant OGo with KDE Kontact, Evolution (using the Noodle connector), Mozilla Sunbird (using iCal-over-HTTP), the Apple (using iCal-over-HTTP) and a lot more.

Q: How does instant OGo compare to the groupware server products A, B or C?

A: You don't really want to ask a vendor such a question. Of course and instant OGo are magnitudes better than any other available solution ;->
In general OGo excels in maturity (in development since 1996!), depth of functionality, broad support for standards and clients (XML-RPC, GroupDAV, RSS, ...), performance (not based on scripting languages or Java) and of course in the pricing.

Q: I have a question which should be added to this list! How can I get it in?

A: Send feedback to Please include the URL of the page you want to see modified. Screenshots

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