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The free software solution for team communication.

Made for companies, government institutions, distributed project teams and everyone, who has to access important information independend of location or time.

Contact Management:
Saves and organizes thousands of personal and company contacts, telephone, fax, addresses, e-mail contact addresses just to mention a few. Easily configurable with extensive and speedy search capabilities, categorization and remotely accessible.
Group Calendar:
Manage meetings and events for an entire group or individual set of accounts. Attach notes to appointments. Link appointments to contacts and projects. Automatic detection of conflicts.
Resources Planner:
Keep track of your company's resources such as automobiles, projectors or conference rooms. Searchable timeslots to check for availability of specific resources or resources assigned to a specific group. Automatically check for resource conflicts upon appointment creation.
Task Management:
You may organize tasks by person, group or specific project. "Todo" lists can be ordered by priority, due date, processing status etc. An overview of all tasks is stored in the projects application as well as sorted by company. All tasks are also summarized on the personal page.
E-Mail Client:
The integrated (IMAP4 based) e-mail client offers a comfortable environment for reading and creating e-mails as well as organizing email by folders. A global, and configurable contact directory eliminates the endless search for the correct e-mail address.
Projects and Documents:
Share documents and files, locally or remotely, in groups or privately in a project centric environment. Link projects to customer or employee contacts and or link tasks to projects. Store email, Office documents such as faxes in the document archive which can be associated with any project. Finally, link any OGo application with your project. A true project centric environment.
The Newsboard gives you the opportunity to publish important information or articles to the Intranet. Defineable headlines that can be linked to other related articles or news items. In addition, the Newsboard shows upcoming appointments and tasks and serves as a personal page.
Palm Sync:
Using the Palm application you can synchronize data from your Palm device to the other OGo applications. Use the Palm application to resolve remote synchronization conflicts and to configure how and when Palm data is synchronized with the global enterprise database.
The OGo user interface is highly configurable by the user or administrator. The Preferences application manages all the various options available for the applications similar in design to a Windows or KDE control panel.
Management of accounts, groups and configurations for OGo are done using a simple and intuitive web interface. Easily create teams, location teams and accounts, resources and resource groups or configure server options. The OGo Usermanager Application provides extremely fine grained configuration options.

Thats it? No! is an extensible application and portal server. All the available applications are implemented as plugins to the main server and can be extended and enhanced in various ways.


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