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Projects and Document Storage

projects Share documents and files, locally or remotely, in groups or privately in a project centric environment. Link projects to customer or employee contacts and or link tasks to projects. Store email, Office documents such as faxes in the document archive which can be associated with any project. Finally, link any OGo application with your project. A true project centric environment.


The Projects application lets you share documents and work in a project-centric environment. You can attach partners, customer and employee contacts to projects and assign tasks related to it. Important emails can be copied from your Inbox to the Projects storage for documentation purposes. Office documents, faxes, drawings, and any other electronic document file can be uploaded into the document store. Furthermore, you will get a version control on each of these documents if you need to modify them later. You can even add links between your project to any other OGo stored object. Any download of a project document will be logged for security and control.


  • Create and manage projects, a container for contacts, tasks, notes and documents, that includes fine grained access-permissions.
  • Store your documents in OpenGroupware and get version control of them.
  • Save your emails, email attachments and faxes as project documents
  • Create and assign tasks related to the project activities.
  • Connect appointments to projects using notes
  • Associate any number of contacts and company records to a project
  • Creates links to any internal objects or external websites
  • Add you own notes to a project, thus creating a group knowledge management base
  • Get a powerful intranet filesystem for hierarchical storage of arbitary documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc)
  • Perform document search based on document attributes
  • Send project documents by email as either a link or an attachment
  • Access your documents storage using WebDAV client applications such as, Nautilus and many, many others.
  • Access your documents anywhere, like in your home, customer site, hotel with the web frontend.
  • Select frequently acessed projects to be in either your favorites list or the menu
  • For Internet Explorer users only of the web interface: drag and drop your files and folders within a project.

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