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Saves and organizes thousands of personal and company contacts, telephone, fax, addresses, e-mail contact addresses just to mention a few. Easily configurable with extensive and speedy search capabilities, categorization and remotely accessible.


  • separate management of personal and company records
  • configurable structured links between contacts, companies and appointments
  • associate any person to any number of companies
  • configurable address types, phone numbers, email addresses and URLs
  • unlimited number of extended attributes and keywords
  • export configurable serial letter lists for Office, OpenOffice or Framemaker
  • remote access of contacts as vCard objects using the WebDAV API
  • remote access of full contact functionality via XML-RPC
  • export contact folders for use in Outlook (requires ZideLook)
  • integrated access to contact data using LDAP
  • save search queries as either a new tab or in a popup window (eg 'all customers from Seattle')
  • configurable 'favorites' lists of contacts
  • view current appointments with a contact in the contact viewer
  • view projects with a person or company in the contact viewer
  • configurable access controls; either simple access with readonly/private/public or arbitrary contact access control lists
  • all accounts are also regular contacts eg: you can convert an existing contact into an OGo account by the press of a simple button (eg if you hire a contact)

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