resistance is obsolete ™ ;-) Knoppix CD

Just put it in your CD-ROM, reboot your machine and you get a running OGo installation for testing purposes!

The OGo Knoppix CD is a bootable CD which contains a complete Debian GNU/Linux system, a fully configured OGo installation, a Cyrus server and some more Linux software. It's based on the original Knoppix CD created by Knopper.Net Consulting.
It's certainly the fastest way to get a usable OGo demo up and running!

Note: the Knoppix CD contains the OGo status as it was prior the public release in July 2003. While its a bit outdated, its nevertheless a great way to get a first impression.

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OGo Knoppix FAQ

How can I change the language to English?

Q: When I boot the OGo Knoppix, everything is in German!

A: Yes, the CD was produced for distribution with the German Linux Magazin, so the default language is German. You can change the language to English, though. To get a English KDE desktop, specify "knoppix lang=en" at the boot prompt, then boot. If Mozilla comes up and you see the OGo login screen, do one of the following:

  • Log in as a user, then at the upper/right you'll find a link labeled "Praef". Click it - you are taken to the main preferences panel, select the link "Anzeige" (display). At the very top of the display preferences there should be a popup where you can select English as your language.
    Press save, logout and login again. Voila, here you go.
  • Alternatively, for those who want to change the parameters first, rather than navigate using cues in German:
    From a root shell, edit the file '/ramdisk/skyrix/skyrix41/documents/17780.defaults' and add a new line containing just the string
    language = English;
    to the end of the file, just before the '}' (close-curly-brace) which denotes the end of the configuration information. This should cause the 'andrea' account to use English labels from the start. Do the same thing to the files 10000.defaults and 17210.defaults to change the default language for the 'root' and 'hans' accounts, respectively.

We'll take a look whether we can produce a Knoppix which defaults to the English language.

Hardware Requirements?

Q: I don't manage to boot the OGo Knoppix on my spare 128MB Celeron notebook, I'm ending up with an empty desktop!

A: Yes, it seems 128MB RAM is not sufficient for the OGo Knoppix :-( It is enough, if you already have a Linux swap partition on your system, otherwise you'll need 256MB RAM.
A 450Mhz Celeron as a CPU should be sufficient for testing and a harddisk is not required, just a regular CD-ROM.

Download Locations

Please only download the OGo Knoppix image if you intend to use it for testing, not to enlarge your CD collection :-)
The download facility is usually quite expensive for the contributor, so use it with care! Once again thanks to all contributors for offering some bandwidth to mirror the ISO file.

The MD5sum for the ISO image is
1bfdce9a1fd176136afca4642c1cb072 ogo-knoppix.iso
If yours is different, your ISO is broken.

Location Contributor
FTP comteam, Austria
HTTP, Malaysia
HTTP Narres IT, Germany
FTP Narres IT, Germany
FTP Pavol Cvengros, Slovakia
HTTP National Technical University Of Athens, Greece
HTTP National Technical University Of Athens, Greece
FTP National Technical University Of Athens, Greece
HTTP Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal
FTP Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
HTTP Puzzle ITC, Switzerland
FTP Puzzle ITC, Switzerland
FTP Transtelco S.A. de C.V., Mexico

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