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Java Interface (JOGI) Project

JOGI is a Java API to access installations using the advanced and full featured OGo XML-RPC server.

The JOGI effort is currently hosted on SourceForge.

JOGI Early Access Release 0.0.4
Hey ho, The JOGI bear is still roaring and we, the JOGI team, are proud to be able
to announce the Early Access Release 0.0.4 of the Java
Interface (JOGI) project. JOGI is an API to access installations via XML-RPC.
What has been done:
+ exception handling
+ logging with log4j
+ bugfixes
For further information please refer to the website at
At the website you will find information about how to get the code, but
you will also find documentation on how to use the API. The first thing
to read, though, should be the ReleaseNotes, as they hold all important
information about this release.
There is also a mailing list for further questions or design discussions.
The "Early Access" in the release name means that the API is still a
work in progress. While the design and implementation is in many parts
finished, there are still parts that have to be done.
As an Open Source Project we would like to invite interested developers to look at the API and to provide ideas for design changes, improvements
or other things.
So check it out..
murphee, teddius, wolti
(The JOGI Team)

Currently organized by Andreas Rath and Werner Schuster.

Report/Track Bugs

JOGI bugs are tracked in the OGo Bugzilla. Select the JOGI product and the proper component.

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  • Links

  • JOGI at SourceForge
  • OGI User Guide
  • JavaDoc API

  • Getting JOGI

    Download JOGI

    To download the JOGI API, please go to Sourceforge download pages for JOGI and download the ogo-jogi-0_0_4EA.* (jar, tar.gz, zip) file.

    Download JogiClient

    To download the JogiClient, please go to Sourceforge download page for JogiClient and download the JogiClient0_0_4EA.jar file.
    This is a port of code from a Skyrix XML-RPC GUI client. It was modified to use the JOGI API. JogiClient should be able to run out of the box. Just start it with java -jar JogiClient0_0_4.jar and you should be able to fetch appointments and jobs from an Server.

    CVS Access

    If you want the latest state of the JOGI library you might want to use the version in the CVS. You can follow the HEAD branch, but that might be unstable at times as it is actively used for development. If you want a "stable" release, use one of the tagged versions.
    Please read Sourceforge CVS info for JOGI on how to access the CVS.
    Important: the module name is ogojogi. There are other modules that are not of interest (one is the raw material for the website that you can only use if the name Xweb means anything to you, and the other ones are old attempts at importing the project that will be removed in the future).

    We welcome your feedback!
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