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OGo ZideStore Server

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Some links need to be sufficient for now:

  • Doc Snippets on ZideStore
  • Screenshots (the section "Native Clients accessing the ...")
  • Build Instructions

  • Current Roadmap

    TODO: write some more text on SOPE / ZideStore / Evo and how everything is supposed to evolve ;-)

    Current Status

    TODO: write something on the status ...
    - vCard GET should work
    - iCal PUT works
    - reorganized ZideStore sources into libraries => ZideStore 1.2

    SKYRiX 5 ZideStore

    TODO: write some more text ...
    The SKYRiX 5 ZideStore is based on OGo ZideStore 1.1.51, so it currently does not contain the source reorganizations of v1.2. It also doesn't allow iCal PUT - so just use the OGo ZideStore for those features.
    The SKYRiX 5 variant mostly differs to the OGo variant in terms of the license checks required for the ZideLook plugin. Obviously this can't be made OpenSource ;-)

    Howto get/build/install it?

    The ZideStore is part of the Subversion tree. Just follow the OGo build instructions and a ZideStore will be compiled.

    API Documentation

    TODO: we obviously needs some documentation of the actual API recommended for ZideStore access. Notably ZideStore is a middleware integration server and speaks a whole lot of similiar, yet slightly different APIs - so this is pretty hard.
    For now we recommend using WebDAV to retrieve the folder structure of ZideStore, use getIDsAndVersions to retrieve folder contents and to use iCalendar/vCard over HTTP GET/PUT to access the content.
    TODO: explain URL encoded BPROPFIND's and getIDsAndVersions.

    Related Links

  • Deprecated SKYRiX ZideStore 4.1 pages at
  • Screenshots (the section "Native Clients accessing the ...")
  • Build Instructions
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