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Related Projects

We do not see other OpenSource or free software projects as "competitors". Given the unique nature of OpenSource, all projects can watch each other and take the best to form the best solution for the targetted audience of the individual project.
Closed source projects do not provide this natural exchange of ideas, concepts and code.

Directly Related Projects


Glow is actually part of the groupware project which attempts to build a full Outlook replacement using a Java/Swing based solution. It's a priority goal to connect Glow and work with the Glow developers to build an applicable solution.

Groupware should not end at the calendaring client but should rather form an integrated office environment. The OpenOffice applications are a perfect match for given the XML based file format, it's extensibility and it's OpenSource spirit.

Project Cyrus

As outlined in the mission, we are not going write yet another mail server. While we are free in the choice working upon established email standard like SMTP and IMAP4, our primary suggestion is the Cyrus IMAP server. It's proven, stable and highly scalable.

Mozilla Calendar

Mozilla Calendar and Mozilla Mail in provide almost anything required to replace Outlook as a client, especially an excellent IMAP4 mail client and just lacks a few things in the scheduling area to be a full replacement.
We intend to help Mozilla getting forward with it's calendaring efforts.

GNUstep already shared a lot of code with the GNUstep project given that the core of both environments is written in the Objective-C language. This relation should get stronger by porting OGo from libFoundation to the gstep library, adding a lot of additional benefits, like full Unicode support or a tested and supported Windows port.


"MultiSync is a free modular program to synchronize calendars, addressbooks and other PIM data between programs on your computer and other computers, mobile devices, PDAs or cell phones. MultiSync works on any Gnome platform, such as Linux."
- it would certainly interesting to see how we can work together with the MultiSync project to add phone sync capability to OGo.

Other Groupware Related Projects

Kolab Server

The Kolab Server is basically a packaging of Cyrus IMAP, OpenLDAP, Apache and Postfix and therefore a nice complement to OGo for environments which have no email server preinstalled.


phpGroupWare is also available for quite a long time. Since phpGroupWare, like OGo, provides an infrastructure to embed custom applications, we would really like to see a phpGroupWare frontend to OGo, so that PHP developers can work with OGo objects in an easy and integrated way.


Exchange4Linux is another OpenSource groupware server. Unfortunately it only seems to work in conjunction with a propritary Outlook plugin and provides no other user interfaces.
Exchange4Linux could use OGo technologies to provide a nice Web interface to the Exchange4Linux server.


OSER seems to have goals similiar to Kolab Server, but seems to be in a very early state.


"Chandler is intended to be an open source personal information manager for email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and general information management, as well as a platform for developing information management applications. It is currently under development and will run on Windows, Mac, and Linux-based PC's.
OGo is in contact with the Chandler team and we'll see how we can work together to integrate the efforts.


OTLKCon attempts to build an OpenSource Outlook MAPI storage provider. Unfortunately it is pretty hard to write a usable Outlook connector, so very likely many moons will pass until the project is going to deliver (current state: Pre-Alpha).
Anyway, once ready this may be a basis to replace the commercial ZideLook plugin and provide completely license free access to Outlook clients (of course still involving license fees for Outlook itself! - which is why we at OGo prefer pushing efforts in building completely free Groupware clients for Windows instead of attaching to a propritaery one).


OGo Presentation
Adam Williams of the KalamaZoo LUG has prepared a presentation which gives an overview on
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