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Telephony Integration with OGo

OGo can integrate with telephony systems in some ways ...

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All (most of?) the phone numbers are already generated by a single dynamic (template) element "SkyDialNumber". The source is located in WebUI/Common/OGoUIElements/SkyDialNumber.m.
SkyDialNumber can generate dial links for "CTI" bundles (plugins) in OGo or it can generate a link to an external URL.

Triggering a remote URL for dialing ...

OGo can also generate arbitary dialer links pointing to external scripts. As soon as the SkyDirectActionDialer_Link default has a non-empty value the proper links will be generated.

Remote-URL Defaults


Link Variables

number (phone number to be dialed)
login (login of OGo account)


Defaults write OpenGroupware \
SkyDirectActionDialer_Link \

Using STLI

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SKYRiX 5 also has direct support for the STLI protocol as implemented by the iLink TeamCall server. The TeamCall server itself can then connect to various CSTA capable telephony hosts.
Note: Currently this is not part of the OGo sources.

STLI Defaults

CTIRemoteHostToDevice - dictionary - map the IP address transmitted by the browser of a session user to an actual (device) phone number.

Writing CTI bundles

STLI is only one CTI plugin, you can also write additional ones for other protocols. If multiple dialers are installed, the one to be used can be selected using the CTIDialer default.

A lot of the relevant source code is in OpenGroupware+CTI.m (WebUI/ In short you need to write a plugin which declares CTIDialers in the bundle-info.plist.

API to support:

- (BOOL)canDialNumber:(NSString *)_number;
- (BOOL)dialNumber:(NSString *)_number fromDevice:(NSString *)_device;
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