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SKYRiX Object Publishing Environment


The SOPE package is an extensive set of frameworks (16 frameworks, ~1500 classes) which form a complete Web application server environment. Besides the Apple WebObjects compatible appserver extended with Zope concepts, it contains a large set of reusable classes: XML processing (SAX2, DOM, XML-RPC), MIME/IMAP4 processing, LDAP connectivity, RDBMS connectivity, and iCalendar parsing.

The individual frameworks of the package can be used standalone (for example in Cocoa applications) and do not require the application server itself.

For MacOSX developers, the package includes SOPE:X, which contains special Xcode and Cocoa support for SOPE.


2004-09-07 17:18: SOPE Shapeshifter 4.3.6

This release contains a reworked internal module structure. Major new features include that SOPE can now be installed into FHS locations (/usr or /usr/local), doesn't require the GNUstep environment at runtime, and works with flattened GNUstep trees. In addition a lot of hard dependencies on third-party packages were removed.
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2004-08-30 14:12: Preparations for SOPE 4.4

In preparation of the SOPE 4.4 release cycle the source code was moved from CVS to Subversion. The sources are currently being restructered and cleaned up for the SOPE 4.4 release.
This may result in source and binary packages which are broken or not up to date, so we suggest that you don't update.
A note will be posted when everything is awesome again.
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