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We would like to thank all active and past sponsors for helping the project getting started!
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Active Sponsors

SKYRIX Software AG

So far SKYRIX Software AG is the largest sponsor by providing almost the whole source code of the SKYRIX 4.1 groupware server under GPL/LGPL license. In addition SKYRIX Software AG pays the salaries of several fulltime developers and supporters which guarantee ongoing support and development of the OGo project.
In addition SKYRIX paid the whole initial setup and configuration of the wide range of the OGo community services.
Sponsors: SKYRiX 4.1 sources (~700.000 LOC), ongoing development, community site


MEKO^S is an IT service provider located in Bremen. Since 1998 the company is IBM business partner and authorized reseller for all IBM products. It's core business is consulting, sales and implementation of IBM products with a special focus on IBM eServer platforms (iSeries, pSeries and xSeries).
MEKO^S is sponsoring the port to the IBM iSeries platform.
Sponsors: iSeries port, iSeries test partition


MDlink online service center GmbH ist one of the leading internet service providers for the region of Magdeburg. MDlink offers Leased-lines, SDSL-lines, Dial-in-Access, VPN and Server -or Webhosting. Furthermore MDlink provides GNU/Linux services such as installation and integration of GNU/Linux systems as well as GNU/Linux training and support.
Sponsors: hosting, webserver hardware, IP traffic

Linux Studio

Linux Studio is a full service consultancy that focuses on migration and integration of Open Source Technologies and homogenous environments. Linux Studio actively supports OS projects like, OpenGroupware, OpenOffice, Zope and Plone to deliver integrated and comprehensive knowledge and information management solutions to a Canadian and American client base.
Sponsors: Coordination of NA efforts and the documentation project. Hosting of the OGo/Plone integration project.

Hardware Sponsors


Toasterz mission is to contribute to the movement of opensource software into the mainstream business world. Towards that end we offer easy-to-use turnkey opensource products. Check out our Firewall Toaster with anti-spam, anti-virus and vpn features or the ISP Qmail Toaster. We also have in development an ExchangeKiller based on Toasterz is located in the Southwestern US. Toasterz has an exclusive arrangement with LeeShanok Network Solutions to provide high quality, reliable hardware for our products.
Sponsors: Server Hardware, Perl Install Script, Documentation, LinuxWorld Expo SF Appearance 2004/2005, Logo Work


Ianus is located in Italy, considers contributing to open-source movement as a primary mission. Offers full open-source based solutions on italian and european enterprise market, providing several services to follow customers migration to OpenSource systems: from planning to implementation and human-resources training. Is deeply focused in Linux Network administration and infrastructure design and development.
Sponsors: Server Hardware, Slackware Packages, Italian translation coordination for Website and Application


We understand ourselves as an integrative Full Service Provider with know-how about hardware platforms, operating systems, web-hosting, web-design, programming, project management, contents input and care as well as following support and maintenance. Our primaray field of activity is web-projectmanagement.
Sponsors: Server Hardware

Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe

Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe is a small company, based in Groningen, The Netherlands. We do software development, Linux (or hybrid) computer networks, Open Source office implementations and courses.
We believe in "small is beautiful" where it concerns our company and style. We also believe in the Open Source philosophy and business model, and actively support a number of Open Source projects.
Sponsors: Server Hardware

Levante Software

Dr. Levante GmbH & Co. KG is a full Service Provider for IT. Our emphasis is network support including implementation, configuration, and programming customer-oriented software.
Also introduction, training and maintenance for the programs. In addition we are a system-house and offer a large selection of hardware. Dr. Levante GmbH & Co. KG is located in the South of Germany, near the border to Switzerland.
Sponsors: Server Hardware

MAPASA Informatica

MAPASA is a hardware and software distribution company in Italy.
Sponsors: Desktop Hardware

Further Sponsors

Fujitsu Siemens Computers

Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Europe's leading computer company, offers one of the world's most complete product and solution portfolios. World-leading IT products answer the needs of personal computing and enterprise computing with: mobile computing products, PCs, workstations, Intel- and UNIX-based servers, mainframes, enterprise storage solutions.
Further, in cooperation with SKYRIX Software AG, FSC offers a OGo based groupware cluster based on it's Primergy BX300 blade server.
Sponsors: Premium Sponsor OGo Knoppix Distribution

Pyramid Computer Systeme GmbH

Pyramid is the developer of the popular BenHur server appliance. The appliance is based on a Debian derived operating system and is an excellent platform for running
Sponsors: Premium Sponsor OGo Knoppix Distribution

Linux Magazin

The German Linux Magazin was the first to distribute thousands of copies of the OGo Knoppix CDs with it's LinuxTag 2003 edition. Go to the shops and buy a copy!
Best of all Linux Magazin was so kind distributing the CD for free!
Sponsors: Distribution of the OGo Knoppix CD

Nomina GmbH

Software market overview with nearly 2,500 Linux solutions for professional users - in small firms or in middle enterprises, in large-scale enterprises or authorities.
Sponsors: Entry in ISIS Software- and Company Database

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