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Download Binaries


Please check the install section for download information.
OGo packages are available on

We currently provide precompiled packages for various GNU/Linux distributions. If no binary is provided for your system you need to follow the instructions for getting the source and building it.
If you need help, please feel free to subscribe one of the mailinglists.

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Short Intro: trunk vs releases

Since the move from CVS to Subversion, the OGo developers can easily provide alpha quality snapshots. Previously the OGo project only provided so called "nightly builds" which where generated from the very latest source changes of the developers (so called "CVS HEAD").

While those nightly builds provided a very good quality due to the maturity of the OGo sourcecode base, you could still run into "grape builds", builds which were broken due to recent changes.

So what was formerly provided by "nightly builds", the CVS HEAD, is now called "trunk" in Subversion terminology. If you fetch a trunk build, you get the very latest changes (including the very latest bugs).

This is where 'releases' come in. With Subversion its very easy to freeze a certain 'trunk' as a release. Note that a release can be of Alpha quality, that is, it got minimal testing. Yet a release is 'frozen' and it is ensured that the release isn't a "grape build".

Summary: use some release, unless you know what you are doing :-)

TODO: describe the process for stable/unstable branches.

Automatic RPM Download

Note that instead of performing a manual download, we recommend to use apt4rpm on RPM systems or apt on Debian.
On Fedora you can also choose to use yum (though apt4rpm works just fine on Fedora as well).


A FreeBSD port can be found here:

Other Platforms and Operation Systems

Please follow the developer instructions on getting the source code and building on your platform. Building OGo on Unix systems isn't particulary difficult and you can find help in one of our mailinglists.
Also be sure to visit our porting projects!

  • fetching the source packages
  • building the source tree
  • We welcome your feedback!
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