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the groupware construction kit

Get The Source !

You can get the source either as a source package or you can checkout from the public Subversion repository. Feel free to choose the way which suits you best.
If you have suggestions on how to improve source code access, please let us know !

Fetching a Source Snapshot

We periodically build snapshots of the Subversion repositories. It's probably the fastest way to get started. via HTTP via FTP

Besides the trunk snapshots we also provide snapshots of "tagged" Subversion trees in the releases directory on the webserver.

Using OGo Subversion

The sources are also available using anonymous CVS:

$ svn co SOPE-4.4
$ svn co OGo-1.0b

View CVSview to browse the OGo Subversion tree.

Build It

After you got the source, you probably want to build it ...: Build It !

We welcome your feedback!
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