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Developer Documentation

Small snippets of documentation on various aspects of

  • Debugging OGo Instances
  • Profiling OGo Instances
  • OGo Coding Styleguides
  • Logic
  • DocumentAPI
  • WebUI
  • Forms

  • SOPE is the application server OGo is based upon.

  • SOPE Docs

  • GNUstep Makefiles
  • TOC
  • Writing Makefiles
  • More on Makefiles

  • Objective-C Links

    Some links to tutorials which are relevant if you want to start out developing on OGo.

  • C Language Tutorial for Cocoa
  • Spanish: Objective-C Links
  • LinuxJournal: Objective-C: the More Flexible C++
  • Objective-C is Fun by Adam Fedor
  • Writing GNUstep Makefiles by Nicola Pero
  • More on GNUstep Makefiles by Nicola Pero
  • Basic GNUstep Base Library Classes by Nicola Pero
  • Hold Me, Use Me, Free Me Memory Management in ObjC by Don Yacktman
  • The Objective-C HomePage
  • The Objective-C Reference
  • Bundle up for a warm reception by Don Yacktman
  • Accessor methods revisited by Mmalcolm Crawford
  • Very simple rules for memory management by Mmalcolm Crawford
  • Delegating Authority - Delegation and Notification by Erik Buck
  • Categorically Speaking by Howard Ship

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