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Developer Resources

Find below a collection of resources which should be interesting for people trying to dig into the internals of The content will be enhanced over the next weeks.

OGo Architecture

So far we have a nice diagram on the basic architecture. Note that some components are not supported in all levels (yet!). For example the MacOSX port is only done up to the Logic layer.


Almost any information contained in can be accessed using it's XML-RPC interface from almost any programming language. This opens a wide door for extending OGo with standard Linux utilities and for integration into an existing infrastructure.
Use it to dump OGo data into LDAP servers, to let OGo transfer documents into the versioned storage by email or just to import the data extracted from your old, proprietary Groupware into OGo.


OGo Database Schema uses standard SQL databases as a storage backend for most of it's data. In contrast to various other solutions OGo uses a highly structured and human readable database schema.
[Database Schema]

SOPE Resources

SOPE is the application server is built upon. In OGo the SOPE directory also contains the XML and Core libraries, since those are required for sope-appserver.

  • SOPE Environment
  • SOPE XML Processing Libraries
  • SOPE Core Libraries
  • SOPE AppServer

  • Objective-C and GNUstep

    Some links to tutorials which are relevant if you want to start out developing on OGo.

  • C Language Tutorial for Cocoa
  • Spanish: Objective-C Links
  • LinuxJournal: Objective-C: the More Flexible C++
  • Objective-C is Fun by Adam Fedor
  • Writing GNUstep Makefiles by Nicola Pero
  • More on GNUstep Makefiles by Nicola Pero
  • Basic GNUstep Base Library Classes by Nicola Pero
  • Hold Me, Use Me, Free Me Memory Management in ObjC by Don Yacktman
  • The Objective-C HomePage
  • The Objective-C Reference
  • Bundle up for a warm reception by Don Yacktman
  • Accessor methods revisited by Mmalcolm Crawford
  • Very simple rules for memory management by Mmalcolm Crawford
  • Delegating Authority - Delegation and Notification by Erik Buck
  • Categorically Speaking by Howard Ship
  • whyclose

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