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the groupware construction kit XML-RPC Server

Almost any information contained in OGo can be accessed using the XML-RPC interface from almost any programming language. For more information on how to use XML-RPC, take a look at

Note: To call OGo XML-RPC functions you need a XML-RPC client which is able to perform HTTP basic-authentication (some clients do not allow that even though HTTP support is required by the XML-RPC specification).

Call for Examples!

Given the multitude of possibilities with XML-RPC, cannot provide examples for all platforms, programming languages or functionalities. If you have developed a nice XML-RPC example or service, please share them with other users on this website!
Contribute !

XML-RPC Reference Manual

The XML-RPC manual is now available in English and is stored on the Plone documentation site.

  • xml-rpc-en.pdf (English)
  • xml-rpc-de.pdf (German)

  • General XML-RPC Information

  • An XML-RPC Presentation on KalamaZooLinux (PDF)

  • Examples

    Note: All examples are provided as-is. They may not even work, se them at your own risk!


    The xmlrpc_call tool is a small Unix terminal program for accessing basic XML-RPC services using the Unix shell. It's very useful for discovering the functionality of the OGo XML-RPC daemon.
    A small overview of xmlrpc_call can be found in this document.


    To call OGo XML-RPC functions you need a XML-RPC client which is able to perform HTTP basic-authentication. The xmlrpc module included with Python does not include this facility (the error printed with the "wrong" library looks like: TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'login').
    We provide a patched module that can handle HTTP basic-authentication. Get the module here.

  • Example for importing CSV files into csvsample
  • Example for adding a acccount: adduser
  • Example for adding a team and setting its members: addteam
  • An example how to work with resources: resource
  • An example for syncing information into a LDAP server: ogo2ldap
  • A wxWindows based native client prototype: WxOGoBrowser
  • Postfix&Sendmail <-> XML-RPC gateway: deliver
  • Python + OGo page

  • Perl

    We discovered an old demonstration for using Perl CGI scripts to access the XML-RPC server: ogo-cgi. This should be a good starting point for Perl developers.
    Also available is an old document containing instructions for installing a Perl XML-RPC client.

  • Perl + OGo page

  • Java

  • Java API for (JOGI)
  • Java + OGo page

  • PHP

    Update (2004-03-01): The POGI project (PHP API for has been started.

  • PHP API for (POGI)
  • PHP + OGo page

  • ANSI-C

    A very simple example for accessing appointment information is available in c_sample.

    C# / Mono

    Stay tuned ... ;-)

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