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Installation on Debian GNU/Linux

Debian Logo has excellent Debian support! OGo provides nightly builds based on the development trunk and Debian developer Sebastian Ley is working on official Debian packages for inclusion in the distribution. The latter are already committed to Debian experimental and perform a lot of configuration which needs to be done manually on other distributions.

Note: Due to preparations for SOPE 4.4 / OGo 1.0 the packages can be outdated and install instructions might be incorrect. Installation instructions will be updated if OGo 1.0 packages are available and released. Thanks for your patience.

Sid/Sarge Packages

Debian guru Sebastian Ley was so kind to provide great experimental packages for OGo. Unlike the Woody packages, Sebastian's already do a lot of automatic configuration.

The packages currently can be found in the debian directory on Once OGo 1.0 is released these packages willalso be uploaded to the Debian archive.

To use these packages add the corresponding apt source to your /etc/apt/sources.list. After an apt-get update use apt-get install to install the packages. Please ensure that all Recommended packages are installed as well if you want a standard installation. After installation you need to create configuration and database setup for an OGo instance. This can be done with the ogo-create-instance script, which asks some question and creates all necessary files and configuration. It even does database setup if desired.

It is no problem to reuse existing OGo data, but you have to bear in mind that support for filesystem based projects won't be installed automatically anymore. If you used filesystem based projects before, you need to install the package libopengroupware-fs-project5.1 manually.

If you find bugs in the packages don't hesistate to file a bugreport in our bugtracker. Questions and suggestions can be discussed on our mailing lists.

Note: The Noodle project provides an excellent install howto for 1.0a (alpha) packages.

Woody Packages

For Woody you need to install the nightly builds as provided by the OGo project. Unless Sarge 3.1 is released before OGo 1.0, OGo 1.0 will provide stable Woody backports.
Update: We are not sure yet whether we are going to support OGo Woody packages. Please let us know whether and why Woody 1.0 packages are important for you!

  1. Installing Woody Packages
  2. Database
  3. Apache Module (mod_ngobjweb)
  4. Create Init Scripts
OGo 1.0alpha Source build

Some special instructions to build SOPE 4.4 / OGo 1.0alpha packages on Debian can be found here.


The Knoppix Live-CD is also based on Debian and has its own Live-CD section on the OGo website. Its certainly the fastest way to get a working demo installation of


Alfred Madl has provided instructions for setting up on a Xebian 1.0.0 driven Xbox! Roxx! ;-)

Sarge? Sid? Woody? Testing? Unstable?
Debian distribution versioning is a bit, well, difficult to follow ;-) So a short intro on that, as explained by Sebastian.


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