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Community Support

The community provides excellent support in various ways and in different languages. Ask us!


Please subscribe to one of the mailing lists, (or users-de for German speaking people) is probably the best starting point.
Be sure to read the FAQs prior asking questions on the lists. We'll update the FAQ as questions come in.

Internet Relay Chat

There is an IRC chatroom for Feel free to join #ogo and ask questions.
Note: the chatroom is pretty much inactive. If you aren't lucky and catch someone by coincidence, you should direct your questions to the mailing list.

Forum (unofficial)

Mathias Rothe created an English and a German forum for OGo. Note that the way to contact OGo core developers is using the mailing lists, we won't get along the forums very often.

  • English OGo Forum
  • German OGo Forum

  • Support for OGo Related Projects

    This section is for providing links for users requiring support on OGo related projects.

  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache
  • RedHat
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