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Solutions Linux 2004, Paris

At Solutions Linux 2004, was presented at the Linagora booth. Freddy Frouin performed several presentations related to and Helge Heß, OGo project lead, joined him on the second day of the event.
Conclusion: Solutions Linux was a very successful event for the project - there was a lot of interest in our solution and the project seems to be well established in the French OpenSource community.

In addition to the OGo booth of Linagora, OGo was also shown at various other stands, for example at Alcove where Fabien Vallon presented the French translation of the web interface.

Everyone Loves Pictures ...

Fortunately Michel-Marie Maudet of Linagora found the time to make some pictures of the OGo appearance at Solutions Linux ...

OGo Presentation
Freddy on the right, Helge on the left
OGo Presentation

OGo stand
Helge explaining the OGo Architecture
OGo stand
Helge and Freddy showing OGo WebUI

Linagora booth
Helge explaining the OGo Architecture
Linagora bar

Linagora bar Linagora bar
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