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the groupware construction kit

After successfully building SOPE 4.4, you can continue with building the actual sources.

Note: The instructions below are updated for OGo 1.0alpha as it is available in the Subversion repository! It won't work with older OGo (CVS) source packages.


  • From ThirdParty: gnustep-make, gnustep-objc
  • SOPE
  • optional: libpisock-dev for Palm support
  • Make Parameters

    debug=yes Compile with debugging information. Recommended for OGo trunk builds.
    strip=yes Strip debugging information from binaries. Recommended for building packages.

    Buildtime: 7m:54s (Athlon 1800+)

    Starting with OGo 1.0alpha11 you can build the whole application with configure and without sourcing For installation of resources you need to issue additional calls.
    Run ./configure --help to see all options. (the -s make option just turns off verbose compile messages)

    ./configure --enable-debug
    make -s install

    This installs all the OGo daemons and libraries in /usr/local.

    Warning: The instructions are currently incomplete to actually run the server! Also refer to the INSTALL file contained in the source tree for setting up required links.

    Check for success: You should get a ogo-webui-1.0a executable in /usr/local/sbin/ and you should be able to start the app using:

    $ ogo-webui-1.0a

    Further Installation

    After compiling the necessary modules, you should follow the install instructions to get a running system. You should definitely access OGo through Apache/mod_ngobjweb instead of working on the SOPE application server directly.

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